Optimized digital customer experience
Optimized digital customer experience

The software solution that provides dynamic and interactive support for the quality of the digital customer experience

LaJauge is a software that functions in SaaS mode for ongoing management of the implementation of the results of usability testing or expert evaluations: dynamic display and interpretation of results, real-time information sharing...


In developing LaJauge, CXPower has drawn on its extensive experience collaborating with key individuals responsible for online services at big companies.


The oral presentation of the evaluation results was always very successful but after the delivery of the final report it became clear that their use was very limited.  

This observation led CXPower to realise that the format of 'classic' evaluation reports was not at all suited to operational monitoring of results:

  • Do you have the time and inclination to delve into a detailed report whenever you need to find information quickly?


  • How can you constantly know if all the issues identified by the evaluation, both major and minor, were addressed or not and in what way?


  • Are the results of these reports and the information regarding their use accessible to everyone involved in the process of improving the quality of the digital customer experience? Can they make a contribution?

With LaJauge you can create a qualitative frame of reference for your customers’ digital experience that will help you make your strategic and operational decisions more responsive and targeted.

This software also assists with establishing the governance and culture of the digital customer experience.


The LaJauge software completes the UXPack solution for the continuous evaluation, optimisation and management of the quality of the digital customer experience.

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