Usability testing
Usability testing
Optimized digital customer experience
Optimized digital customer experience

Usability testing

CXPower has put usability testing at the heart of its CXPack solution. This testing offers a proven and irreplaceable methodology that guarantees effective qualitative evaluation.


It allows you to clearly and regularly identify positive and negative "moments of truth" in the user’s digital experience.


You can then continuously take the best strategic and operational decisions to improve your digital interface.


The usability testing methodology involves observing and analysing the behaviour of target users in real situations interacting with your digital interface.

You can use this method of evaluation with an online service, a functional prototype or even with the first non-functional models, which is often recommended.


The usability testing often provides a wealth of results. That is why the CXPack solution does not stop there.

It offers additional tools that will help the project team effectively use the results of the usability testing and continuously classify and manage these results.


With its rapid and economical intervention formats, the CXPack solution has the advantage of adopting an iterative approach of taking the digital customer experience into account by alternating or combining the methods of expert evaluation, card sorting, usability testing and focus groups.

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