Customer-experience focused digital strategy
Customer-experience focused digital strategy
Optimized digital customer experience
Optimized digital customer experience

Audit and consulting for the creation of a strategic master plan for the digital customer experience

To adopt a "truly" customer experience focused digital strategy, CXPower supports the company in creating and implementing a master plan that is tailored to its objectives, needs and requirements.


This master plan is essentially designed using customised combinations of CXPack solution methods. It helps establish a long-term structured approach within the company in terms of the governance and the culture of the digital customer experience. 


The creation of this master plan is the only guarantee ensuring the quality of the customer’s experience is always placed at the heart of the company's digital strategy.

It does not require significant investment and can be easily and gradually put into place according to the company’s objectives and resources.
The most important thing is that this master plan exists and that the entire company understands it, adapts to it and supports its development.


By moving away from rigid and complex 'conventional' master plans, and with the realistic expert support of CXPower, your company will be able to offer its customers a positive digital experience. 

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sur l'expérience client

Partir de l’expérience client aide à sortir des silos

Les organisations en silos ont permis de formidables gains de productivité, mais elles touchent maintenant leurs limites. Elles rendent difficiles les projets transverses, elles limitent l’agilité des entreprises et freinent l’exploitation des Big Data qui ne connaissent pas les frontières des organigrammes !


Comment sortir de ces structures bien ancrées dans nos organisations et dans nos habitudes ? Un des leviers consiste à mettre réellement le consommateur au cœur des processus. 31 mars 2017